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Message from President

Hon’ble Principal, Respected Members of the Faculty and Non – Teaching Staff, Beloved students – past and present, Dear students’ Parents, well wishers, supporters, the much-esteemed citizens of Mawsynram and of the South – Western Khasi border region and my colleagues in the GB, Mawsynram Border Area College, Mawsynram. I send my deep sense of thanks and gratitude to you all for your commitment, support and prayers for the College.

I deem it an honour to have been asked by the honourable Principal to pen a message for the College and to be placed it in its public domain website in the larger public interest. This piece of writing is well regarded necessary and important given it entering upon the twentyfifth memorable though hazardous years of its journey.

History is proof that majority of the citizens who lived in numerous villages and hamlets in the border areas that fall collectively under the Mawsynram Constituency and the South – Western Khasi region continued to live a hard life economically. Their struggled life had significant impact on the educational opportunities of their children. Most promising and talented students had to discontinue their studies following their completion of upper primary schooling only because of the non – existence of a college in the region and their inability to pursue higher education in Shillong on economic reason.

Shri Shrolenson Marbaniang and friends of like mind who witnessed the plight of school going children in the said area discussed this issue together informally but made up a resolute mind, planned and started the what is known today as the “Mawsynram Border Area College” in Mawsynram in 1997 so that the poor and marginalized sections of the border belt could avail of themselves their educational pursuit at minimal and affordable expenses. This was the primary objective of the College. Through out these years, the College has catered to the educational need and expectation of these alienated, marginalized and poor children and most of them have achieved, at least their desire in their life.

As it continues to serve the people, the College maintains its inclusive nature like ethnic equality, communal harmony and national integrity. Students who have come and studied in the College included not just the Khasis but Garos, Hajongs and others. Appointments to different posts were also not reserved only to the tribals but to all communities who were qualified educationally. It is through the sacrificial services of the Principal, honourable Professors and non – teaching staff in addition to the members of the Governing Body that the College sends a message of hope to the low-income groups in the area for the educational privileges of their children so that their future prospects may not whim into disarray.

May the College continue to survive even in the midst of struggles to meet today’s challenges at various levels and render satisfactorily services to the people in the border areas and the state as a whole.

With warm regards and thanks.

Sincerely yours,

(Dr. O. L. Snaitang)
President, MBAC Governing Body,

Dr. O. L. Snaitang

Message from Secretary

The Mawsynram Border Area College, Mawsynram was pioneered by Shri Shrolenson Marbaniang and founded in 1997. It was then a humble college with a handful of students, faculty and non – teaching staffs. Since then, it has achieved affiliation with NEHU and granted the NAAC accreditation on March 1st 2021. It now boasts 32 staff members and more than 200 students with higher enrollments every year. It is a unique establishment and one of a kind in the State of Meghalaya, as it is fully self financed with state-of-the-art classrooms and halls, a diverse library and well-equipped student hostels and staff accommodations. It has proudly served the poor and undeserved communities; offering quality education to pupils from far and remote areas of Mawsynram Block Division, the south – western Khasi border belt and further.

Over the years the College has made consistent contributions to different communities and to the development of the area. Through our continuous expansion of coursework, pupils have opportunities to choose which field they are most adept to; they are also introduced to the interface of different disciplines. We have always sought to create a diverse learning environment and with our Library whereby students and staffs can always avail themselves to numerous books and online materials. Our workshops seek to enhance our knowledge with visiting professionals from different fields. Our aim is to make them self critical, willing to learn and committed to improve their overall well being encompassing skill, knowledge and self awareness; ultimately to become significant contributors to their society. The expansion of the College since its inception has provided employment opportunity to our locals as well.

The growth of the College is the growth of the community. The strong support of the people of Mawsynram Village has made the success of it achievable. The vision of Shri Shrolenson Marbaniang, my father has come to fruition. However, this does not mean our work is done; as our society is ever changing and ever evolving. We too shall evolve, continue to support and encourage and we will continue to strive for success.

(Mrs. Connie F. Sawkmie)
Secretary, MBAC Governing Body